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VoIP, Voiceover Internet Protocol, combines voice and data communications to provide an excellent telecommunications solution for businesses. With hosted VoIP, you do not need to purchase expensive equipment. The hosted solution allows for an affordable rate that is ideal for many businesses.

Hosted VoIP is not only an economical communications solution, but it also helps you keep up with the latest technology. Features and options are software driven, so you can design the system the way you need it. At Lopez Telecom, LLC, we are experts in hosted VoIP solutions for our customers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area.

We provide the expertise necessary to design and implement your hosted VoIP solutions with ease. We also offer voice and data cabling to ensure a smooth transition. Many small to medium sized businesses will benefit greatly from the latest technology available with VoIP phone systems in Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

When you want to replace your older Nortel Norstar key system, Meridian 1 PBX, or CS1k system, consider hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP has many features and options that allow for excellent communication service at affordable prices.

Lopez Telecom, LLC has a team of experienced technicians available to install, implement, and maintain your phone system. This makes it easy to make sure that your communication system is always working properly. The hosted solution allows for changes and service to be completed remotely.

Let Lopez Telecom, LLC provide a selection of affordable solutions for your business communications. We have a large variety of options available including both local and remote choices.

Reach out to us today for a menu of alternatives to improve your telecommunications.

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